Video Configuration

Here you can produce your own commercial video! Make the key decision on the format and give specific information about what the video should be. You will notice that the price changes when you choose different options. The completion of a new video is expected to take two months.

30 Seconds, High Definition, Funny, Commercial

The right genre is everything in a good video. Your decision should be based upon where you want it to be presented and who your target customer is. We have developed recipes for making each genre. Click on the sections below to see more examples.

30 Seconds, High Definition, Serious, Explanatory video

Tell us how long your film should be. Note that shorter films are often easier to understand and, if presented in the internet, a shorter film is more likely to be watched until the end. The shorter the film the more densely all information is packed, the more interesting it will bee.

If you want to make your audience feel empathy for something in the video, a longer duration is recommended, because trust needs time.

1 Minute, On Budget, Exaggerated, Image video

Think about your audience. Are they more philosophical? – Take Drama. Are you selling products? In that case, it is more convenient to make something funny. People tend to spend more when they are in a good mood.

Do you want to present products of high quality to a very specific audience? – A serious mood will make you more trustworthy. In case you want to create a lasting impression so that you immediately grab the audience’s attention – exaggerated is the perfect choice.

2 Minutes, High definition, Serious, Image video

Deciding on a budget means deciding with which equipment we are going to fulfill your order. The higher the budget the smoother the picture, the more megapixels the better the dynamic range.

It also is a decision about the format of the video: On budget – DVD resolution (720p), High Definition – Full HD resolution (1080p), Cinema – Ultra HD (2160p). It may take longer to fulfill a higher budget order.

What is your ambition for this video?
Write a few sentences about who you are and how you want your commercial to be like.
Upload the logo which should appear in the ending of your video.
Do you need subtitles for this video?

Any questions?

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