Who are we?

We are two students from Germany who created the first online shop for the marketing services websites and commercial videos. We have invented the concept in autumn 2017 and applied in autumn 2018

Our goal is to add great websites to the internet. So we provide customers, who don’t have the time to make their websites with tools like wordpress, wix or jimdo with quick results which are also based on our knowledge on SEO, programming, design and user experience.

Vision: The website with videos

The perfect website is not only loading quickly and functioning well, but has also more importantly a video on it. What is a Kickstarter project without a video? What is the internet without YouTube? Videos are the new communication medium. That’s why it is so important to have a website with video material implemented.

That’s why we are also the platform for creating videos. It is the first online shop where you configure your own video!¬†Customers fill in the survey, which sets up the style in relation to the price and give information about the content of the video. Once filled in our process the order with our creators and deliver in about forty days.

Where were we?

We started off as a simple marketing agency and we provided businesses with websites and commercials. Quickly we realized that the procedure is always the same and that we can boost the productivity of a marketing firm if we skipped over the overlong meetings and let the customer just fill in our survey (in order to make us understand exactly what is required) based on the answers we configure a fitting price for the product (video). The call gets to our creators who just can start off configuring the product.

Why configuring?

We have developed the blueprints and structures for creating the perfect website and the perfect commercial, so, once we get an inquiry, we just “fill in the blanks” and provide the customer quickly with the product.