Website Configuration

This is the easiest way to create a your own website! You just have to choose from the options below and answer a few questions about the content. After that we will take care of your order and build your website according to your answers! The completion of a new site is expected to take two weeks.

Which Layout to choose?

Choose the layout which you feel fits best for you. Vertical layouts, being the classical one-pagers are great to give a quick impression of what you are doing. The horizontal layout will be able to covey the same information, but make it feel more organized and modern.

Color examples

Have a look at these examples and choose the color that you like most.

Check for your perfect domain!

Your domain – a very important part of the marketing of your website – should be short and easy to remember. We recommend to take your name or the name of your firm.

After your IVOGO site is done you can buy your own domain at RAIDBOXES or another domain provider. Always check if there is already a website with your desired domain.



Horizontal, Services page

This is the best place to show what you have to offer. You can show your products or services in a list or custom tabs which will be presented together with compelling pictures.

Vertical, References page

This is the place where you can display your previous works and references. Simply type in the name of your most well-known customers and we will display them as a list or a logo slider. You can further add testimonials from your satisfied customers and your education history or other information which will make you appear as trustworthy.

Vertical, Team poage

It does not matter if you are a freelancer or a team of many people, the team page is ideal to showcase who you are. It works best with the name, the position and a portrait of every team member. You can also add social media links and a few words to let every team member appear more personal.

Horizontal, Contact Page

The contact page enables your visitors to message you by using the contact form and it displays your contact information together with an inviting picture.

The blog page is where you can add articles to inform your visitors about events, the newest products or other developments within your organisation. Every new post will be shown at the top of this page, so your customers will never miss the latest news about you.

Choose the layout of your website. Your site can either have horizontal or vertical scrolling.
Select the main color for your website.
Enter the name of your organization or whatever title you want to give your website. This title should make it easy to determine what you want to present on your website. The title should be followed by a few keywords like "Amy's Painting Gallery - Drawings, Nature and Portraits".
Choose the pages that you want on your website.
You should provide as much information as you can about what you want to present on our website. Writing as much detailed as possible will make users not only stay longer on your website but also make it easier to find your website on search engines. You can orient yourself by these questions: What are you presenting? Why are you doing this? For whom is this important? How are you doing it?
Upload an image for your start page. It will be the first thing a visitor can see on your website. The size should be around 1920x1080 pixels.
Upload a logo for your website.
Please choose the language of your site. More will be added soon.
If you order a website for your company please enter the company's legal form.

Any questions?

Contact our hotline for video-related questions or write us an e-mail!

Telephone: +49 (0)160 6617456

E-Mail: georg [at] ivogo [dot] de

Supported LanguagesEnglish, German, Portuguese (Brazil)